Introduction to PCP System Failure Analysis


Progressing cavity pumping systems have emerged as a common form of artificial lift. Conducting failure analyses to identify one or more root causes of failure is a critical part of improving progressing cavity pumping system reliability.

This three-day course presents an overview of best practices for failure data tracking and analysis. It is based on knowledge and experience gained through C-FER’s involvement in an ongoing major joint industry project over the last 15 years assisting operators in investigating and improving progressing cavity pumping system reliability.


This three-day course has been developed for engineers and other personnel who deal with the data collection and failure analysis of downhole progressing cavity pumping systems. This includes field operators, completion and production technologists, and the staff of equipment manufacturers and vendors.


Topics covered include:

  • PCP System Configurations
  • Well Applications
  • Failure Terminology
  • Description and Identification of Common Failure Mechanisms
  • Hands-on Observation of Failed Components
  • Identification of Main Root Cause and Contributing Factors
  • Failure Diagnostics
  • Discussion of Possible Root Causes and Remedial Actions
  • Design Considerations and Operational Practices to Avoid Failures
  • Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Pump Inspection Practices
  • Failure Tracking and Benchmarking
  • Data Analysis

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