June 2010

PC-PUMP v3 upgrade is now available! This release includes an updated graphical interface, additional useful features and an enhanced analytical process.

A document is available below that outlines how to work with PC-PUMP v3 if you are familiar with PC-PUMP v2.x.

Some of the upgrades C-FER is most excited about include:

Simplified Layout. C-FER has carefully reviewed the work paths taken by users through the software and reorganized most windows to simplify the analysis process. Most input windows are now within two clicks of the mouse and visual cues help the user navigate effectively.

Additional Languages. PC-PUMP will be translated into languages other than English. Languages currently being implemented include Chinese and Russian (target date is December 2010). If there is a particular language that is of interest to your company please contact C-FER.

New Case Manager. A new case manager will provide an improved level of flexibility. As before, the user will have the ability to create new cases or make copies of existing cases. In addition, a component of one case can be copied to another case, such as a tubing string or a pump. This reduces the need to reselect the same equipment multiple times.

Compare Downhole and Surface Driven PCP Systems. Directly compare downhole and surface driven PCP systems to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Combined Equipment and Batch Comparisons. In previous versions a case comparison and a batch comparison had to be completed separately. In the new version, multiple cases can be quickly analyzed throughout a range of operating conditions. The results are shown on the traditional comparison charts and tables but with additional flexibility.

Improved Feedback Messages. Intelligent checks provide useful feedback to users before a calculation is even made. Feedback includes messages when an input parameter can create an error. Also, whenever a required input parameter has not been specified, the Case Manager will indicate that the case is not complete.

New Tables and Charts. All tables and charts have been upgraded to improve ease of use for both entering and viewing information.

Targeted Help. Help icons are now available throughout PC-PUMP to provided targeted information on the window you are working in. Help includes information on completing input fields, suggested input values, and links to pages with in-depth information.

Print Manager. In previous versions, users had to open every window they wanted to print. This new version includes a Print Manager that allows the user to select specific pages they wish to view from a single window.

Results Window. In previous versions, running an analysis involved moving between the inputs window and the results window of the program. This could became tedious as a calculation was required every time the outputs window was viewed. In the new version, the analysis outputs window is located adjacent to the inputs field which allows for quick viewing of both inputs and outputs.

Custom Equipment Manager. This window now allows the user to manage all their custom equipment from a single window.

Improved Fluid Temperature Profile. Users can now input a fluid temperature profile in place of a bottomhole temperature and flowing temperature. This provides greater flexibility in temperature profiles along the wellbore.

Installation Notes - Please Read

User files containing custom equipment, wellbore geometry, sample sessions and pump tests are now located in a PC-PUMP3 folder in the user folder under Documents and Settings. Any shortcuts on the desktop should be updated to point to the new PC-PUMP® software location in the program files directory. During the installation of PC-PUMP v3, PC-PUMP v2.xx will not be removed.


Note that some of these files require a username and password to download. If you have downloaded from this site before, the password has not changed, and can still be used.

Can't remember your username or password?

Request Username/Password Please include your Hardlock # in request.



  • Simplified Layout
  • New Case Manager
  • Compare Downhole and Surface Driven PCP Systems
  • Improved Feedback Messages
  • New Tables and Charts
  • New Print Manager
  • New Results Window
  • Several bugs identified by users have been fixed.
  • Update to the vendor equipment database.


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