PC-PUMP® v3.2.8.1

January 30, 2013 - Important Notice

An update was made to PC-PUMP® to correct an issue that occurred when displaying NOV Monoflo and Monoflo pumps in the Pump Selection window. If you downloaded v3.2.8 before January 30th, please download v3.2.8.1 and re-install.

January 2013

C-FER Technologies is pleased to announce the release of PC-PUMP® v3.2.8. This release is available to all users who are subscribed to the 2012 Maintenance Plan. The new version of PC-PUMP fixes several bugs identified by users and incorporates new features that increase the software’s usability.

Some of the new features in PC-PUMP v3.2.8 include:

Custom Equipment Encryption. PC-PUMP now has the ability to allow users to encrypt custom equipment files. Users can secure proprietary information for custom brakes, cable, drive assemblies, downhole motors and PCPs. The encryption is linked to a password provided by the user, where a different password can be applied to each custom data file. Once a file has been secured, the password is required to make any edits to the custom equipment.

Backspin Analysis Torque Calculator. A torque calculator has been added to assist in calculating the torque limit of the rods and motor in the Backspin analysis. The torque calculator helps determine the torque value that governs the maximum torque stored in the rod string when backspin occurs.

Ground Temperature Profile. Users may now enter a ground temperature profile in the Operating Conditions tab. This ground temperature profile is used in the rod string space out analysis in calculating the rod deflection.

Pump Orbital Diameter Warning. PC-PUMP checks that the tubing drift diameter is large enough to accommodate the orbital diameter of the pump up to 3m above the stator. If the tubing drift diameter is not large enough, the warning message “Tubing drift diameter is not large enough to accommodate pump orbital diameter!” is displayed. Based on feedback from users, the pump selection window has been updated to allow the user to specify if a pump is supplied with the proper diameter orbit tube. If the user indicates that a pump is supplied with an orbit tube, the tubing drift diameter warning message is not displayed.

Installation Notes - Please Read

User files containing custom equipment, wellbore geometry, sample sessions and pump tests are now located in a PC-PUMP folder in the User folder under Documents and Settings. If you are using Windows 7, the user folder is now located in the Users directory.


Note that the install file requires a username and password to download. If you have downloaded from this site before, the password has not changed, and can still be used.

Can't remember your username or password?

Request Username/Password Please include your Hardlock's five-digit number in the request.

PC-PUMP v3.2.8.1


  • Custom Equipment Encryption
  • Backspin Analysis Torque Calculator
  • Ground Temperature Profile
  • Pump Orbital Diameter Warning


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