PC-PUMP® v3.3.7

March 2014

C-FER Technologies has released an updated version of PC-PUMP, v3.3.7.1. This release is available to all users who are subscribed to the 2013 Maintenance Plan. The new version of PC-PUMP fixes a problem with the pump database that affected a limited number of pump models. Cases calculated using these pump models in the previous v3.3.7 release would have a very high calculated axial load which would indicate erroneous results. Please contact C-FER Technologies for more information.

December 2013

C-FER Technologies is pleased to announce the release of PC-PUMP v3.3.7. This release is available to all users who are subscribed to the 2013 Maintenance Plan. The new version of PC-PUMP fixes several bugs identified by users and incorporates new features that increase the software’s usability.

Some of the new features in PC-PUMP v3.3.7 include:

3D Wellbore Viewer. PC-PUMP now has a three-dimensional wellbore viewer that improves the visualization of wellbore trajectories. This feature also allows users to plot dogleg severity as a color scale on the three-dimensional wellbore to better visualize the change in this parameter along the length of the wellbore.

Assisted Drive Equipment Selection. An intelligent drivehead selection feature has been added to the Surface Drive Selection window. This feature assists the user in identifying if the vendor has indicated the drivehead is intended for use with belts and hydraulic motors, as well as if there are specific hydraulic motor models that are intended to be used with the drivehead. This feature can be deactivated at any time in the Surface Drive Selection window to allow the user to choose from the full selection of drive equipment.

Updated Hydraulic Motor Database. The Rexroth AA2FM63 hydraulic motor has been added to the equipment database at the request of PC-PUMP users. Please contact C-FER at any time if you require additional equipment to be added to the database.

Installation Notes - Please Read

User files containing custom equipment, wellbore geometry, sample sessions and pump tests are now located in a PC-PUMP folder in the User folder under Documents and Settings. If you are using Windows 7, the user folder is now located in the Users directory.

PC-PUMP v3.3.7


  • 3D Wellbore Viewer
  • Assisted Drive Equipment Selection
  • Updated Hydraulic Motor Database


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