PC-PUMP® v3.6.1

February 2017

C-FER Technologies is pleased to announce the release of PC-PUMP v3.6. This release is available to all users who are subscribed to the 2016 Maintenance Plan. The new version of PC-PUMP fixes several bugs identified by users and incorporates new features that increase the software’s usability.

Some of the new features in PC-PUMP v3.6.1 include:

Equipment Database and Specifications Update. The PC-PUMP Equipment Database has been extensively updated to reflect recent changes in a number of equipment manufacturer’s product lines.

Minor Bug Fixes. A number of minor PC-PUMP software bugs have been fixed in v3.6.1. These fixes improve the integrity and usability of PC-PUMP by removing bugs that could potentially cause unexpected behavior in the software.

Installation Notes - Please Read

User files containing custom equipment, wellbore geometry, sample sessions and pump tests are now located in a PC-PUMP folder in the User folder under Documents and Settings. If you are using Windows 7, the user folder is now located in the Users directory.

PC-PUMP v3.6.1


  • Equipment Database and Specification Update
  • Minor Bug Fixes



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Installation Program v3.6.1 — Full Installapplication/exe95.54 MB