PC-PUMP® v3.7.2

September 2018

PC-PUMP v3.7.2 has been re-released to fix bugs identified in the Equipment Database.

August 2018

C-FER Technologies is pleased to announce the release of PC-PUMP v3.7.2. This release is available to all users who are subscribed to the 2018 Maintenance Plan. The new version of PC-PUMP fixes several bugs identified by users and incorporates new features that increase the software’s usability.

Some of the new features in PC-PUMP v3.7.2 include:

Minor Bug Fixes. A number of minor PC-PUMP software bugs have been fixed in v3.7.2. These fixes improve the integrity and usability of PC-PUMP by removing bugs that could potentially cause unexpected behavior in the software.

Expanded Production Data Analysis Feature. The user may now enter measured values of torque, intake pressure, or discharge pressure over time, and the program will plot these alongside the calculated results. These join the previously available ability to do this with parameters such as speed and flow rate.

Equipment Database Update. The PC-PUMP Equipment Database has been updated to reflect recent changes in a number of equipment manufacturers’ product lines.

Mulitphase Flow Calculations. The calculations for multiphase flow in the tubing have been modified. Most users will not notice any difference in the results, unless the well is horizontal or there is a huge amount of gas in the tubing, in which case, we expect the results to be more stable and accurate.

Plastic-coated Continuous Rods. There are now some plastic-coated continuous rods available in the database.

Shear Couplings. Some shear couplings are now available in the database. Note that the user must manually insert a single rod with a shear coupling selected at the desired depth in the well.

Installation Notes - Please Read

User files containing custom equipment, wellbore geometry, sample sessions and pump tests are now located in a PC-PUMP folder in the User folder under Documents and Settings. If you are using Windows 7, the user folder is now located in the Users directory.

PC-PUMP v3.7.2


Contact C-FER if you will be installing PC-PUMP on a computer without internet access.


  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Expanded Production Data Analysis Feature
  • Equipment Database Update
  • Mulitphase Flow Calculations
  • Plastic-coated Continuous Rods
  • Shear Couplings


Demo Version

Click here to register and download an evaluation version of PC-PUMP v3.7.2.

If you have any problems, please contact us by email or through the contact page.


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