A: There are several possible reasons causing this message.

2) The Hardlock drivers have not been installed properly. These drivers are necessary in order to run PC-PUMP. They are installed differently in Win 95/98/ME and in Win NT/2000/XP/Vista, so if you have recently changed computers or operating systems you cannot simply copy the PC-PUMP directory from your old system to the new system. Note that in Win NT/2000/XP you must be logged on with Administrator privileges to install these drivers. You can ensure these have been loaded correctly by rerunning the hardlock installation program. To do this, open a command line window in the Hardlock subdirectory of your PC-PUMP program directory and type “hldinst -install” at the command prompt. If your operating system is Windows NT, 2000, XP or Vista, ensure you are logged on with administrator privileges, or get your computer support department to do this.

3)If you are using an older version of PC-PUMP with a newer version of windows, you may need to update your Hardlock drivers. (Visit: http://www.aladdin.com/support/hardlock/downloads.asp and download either hardlock_drive r_cmdline.zip, which needs to be run from a command prompt, or hldrv32.zip, which has a graphical interface.) For example, versions of PC-PUMP older than v2.67 may not run properly on Windows XP with SP2, or versions older than v2.68 may not run on Vista, without a newer driver.

4)This, or a similar error can occur if you are using a network Hardlock and there are already the maximum permitted number of users using PC-PUMP. A future version of PC-PUMP may have a more meaningful error message in this case. On a related case, you may encounter this error in trying to run the Swell Model or Sand Settling programs if you have a network key.

5) These last two suggestions have applied in the past to systems with parallel port Hardlocks and older operating systems (before Windows 2000). While we have not seen these problems recently, we still include the solutions:
5 a) Try setting your parallel port to be unidirectional. You can change the driver settings in the control panel—set the parallel port to “SPP” or “Printer Port” (not “ECP” or “EPP”). Ask your computer support department to do this, or contact C-FER for specific instructions.
5 b) Try setting your default printer to an older model of printer. For example, if your default printer is currently a LaserJet 5, try setting it to a LaserJet 2. In some cases, newer printer drivers conflict with the Hardlock.

6) If all these options fail to resolve the problem, contact C-FER technical support.

A: To ensure that only those users who are supporting the PC-PUMP Maintenance Plan have access to the new program upgrades and program databases, C-FER has required users to enter codes (using the included FeatureAdd program) before using some new versions of the software databases. If you are getting this error and your Hardlock should be eligible to run the new version, contact C-FER.