PC-PUMP® v3.7.3

February 2019

C-FER is pleased to announce the release of an update to PC-PUMP. PC PUMP v3.7.3 has the following additions over PC-PUMP v3.7.2:

Minor Bug Fixes. Some minor PC-PUMP software bugs have been fixed in v3.7.3. These fixes improve the integrity and usability of PC-PUMP by removing bugs that could potentially cause unexpected behaviour in the software.

Windows 10 Improvements. We have been working to improve the appearance of PC-PUMP in Windows 10 over the last few versions. In v3.7.3, all of the main input and output windows have now been updated to the new format. We will continue to work on some of the lesser-used windows.

Production Data Analysis. PC-PUMP can now link directly to external databases or spreadsheets to perform batch analyses over a range of actual operating conditions over a period of time. Also, the user may import any type of data for comparison to PC-PUMP results, and not just values which can be PC-PUMP inputs. The output window for these analyses has also been updated and improved.

Rod String Additions. Users may now select certain spin-through rod guides for use with continuous rod. Also, certain specialty rods which use non-API connections are now properly handled in the software, so that only the correct connections may be specified.

AMPCP Wear Prediction. C-FER’s All-Metal PCP (AMPCP) wear prediction model has been added to PC-PUMP as an optional module, available to users for an additional cost. This model is briefly described in SPE 190945 by O. Becerra and J. Sheldon. Please contact C-FER for more information on this module or to inquire about gain access to it.

If you have any questions about any of these new features, please contact us at pcpump@cfertech.com

PC-PUMP v3.7.3


Contact C-FER if you will be installing PC-PUMP on a computer without internet access.


  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Windows 10 Improvements
  • Production Data Analysis
  • Rod String Additions
  • AMPCP Wear Prediction


Demo Version

Click here to register and download an evaluation version of PC-PUMP v3.7.3.

If you have any problems, please contact us by email or through the contact page.