Educational Version

PC-PUMP® enables users to perform quality analyses, designs and evaluations of downhole progressing cavity pumping applications. To help academic institutions teach design and optimization of downhole PCP systems in their degree granting programs, an educational version Of PC-PUMP® is available.

The cost of the educational version is provided for a nominal fee to cover administration and hardware costs. To ensure an effective learning experience, while ensuring that the software remains secure and can not be used for consulting or contract work, several differences exist between the educational version and the full version.

  • A synthetic database is provided in place of the full database. The synthetic version contains a reduced quantity of equipment and has been modified slightly to conceal the identity of the original equipment.
  • All custom equipment dialogue windows have been deactivated to ensure that no new equipment can be added.
  • Printed files are watermarked to indicate they were created using the educational version of PC-PUMP®.

In all other respects and functionality, the educational version is identical to the full version and will provide students with a great oportunity to develop their skills at designing and optimizing downhole progressing cavity pumping systems.


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