Equipment Database

PC-PUMP offers a current, comprehensive model database of pumps, rod strings, couplings, centralizers, rod guides, tubing, casing, driveheads, surface hydraulic motors and pumps, downhole motors, downhole drive assemblies and power cables. The majority of the specifications within the database have been obtained directly from the equipment manufacturers. The exception is information for some rod strings, tubing and casing which are based on API standards.

Because new products are continually evolving, this database is updated regularly to reflect these changes. Subscribers to the Maintenance Plan periodically receive copies of these new databases either as stand-alone updates or in conjunction with software upgrades. If an item you require is not in the database, please contact PC-PUMP Technical Support for assistance.

The wide selection of equipment and system variables allows the user to make the best choice of equipment, subject to the particular application and equipment availability.

The database is encrypted to protect the proprietary data of vendors who have submitted their pump designs to C-FER for inclusion in the software.


The pump database contains close to 2000 individual pumps from 18 different vendors. The pump database contains single and multilobe pumps, slimhole pumps, insert pumps and constant thickness rubber pumps.

Rod String

Three databases contain vendor equipment for rods, couplings and rod guides to form the rod string. The rod database contains over 150 rods from 5 vendors, along with API standard rods. Rod types include standard, continuous and hollow rod types. In the coupling database, over 65 standard and spin-through couplings from 11 vendors are available to choose from. The rod guide database contains 120 standard and spin-through rod guides to choose from.

Tubing & Casing

The tubing database contains over 30 different tubing sizes. The database also includes injection tubing used for injecting diluent downhole and plastic lined tubing for reduced rod/tubing wear. Also included in the database are tailjoint sections that can be attached below the pump or shroud sections mounted around the motor extending up to the pump intake. The casing database contains over 50 different casings with different size/weight configurations.

Drive Equipment

The surface drive equipment consists of a drivehead (required), belts (optional), hydraulics (optional) and a prime mover (required). PC-PUMP provides access to over 200 driveheads, 15 hydraulic pumps and 24 hydraulic pumps from various equipment vendors.

The downhole drive equipment consists of three parts: the motor, the “drive assembly”, which PC-PUMP defines to be all the equipment between the motor and the pump, and a power cable. PC-PUMP allows users to input custom equipment for any of the above parts or select from the various downhole drive equipment databases.

PC-PUMP® Equipment Vendors

Alberta Oil Tool

Baker Hughes LIFTEQ



GrenCo Industries Ltd.


National Oilwell Varco

Netzsch Oilfield Products

R&M Energy Systems