PC-PUMP v2.67

December 2006 Demo Program - Beta Release

A demonstration version of PC-PUMP V2.671 is available for download. For instructions on obtaining a temporary licence to use this demo, please contact us by email pcpump@cfertech.com, or phone 780.450.3300. Please note that this is a Beta release.

August 28, 2006 - Now Available

The latest PC-PUMP database update is available for download to all users subscribed to 2006 PC-PUMP Maintenance Plan. For users who have already downloaded V2.671, a database update is available; for users who have not yet downloaded V2.671, a full installation, including the new database, is also available. For more information, please download and read the memo in the links below.

May 24, 2006

PC-PUMP V2.671 is now available to all users with V2.67. The latest version corrects a problem (related to hollow sucker rods) encountered by some users. V2.671 also includes automatic checking for upgrades. For more information, please download and read the memo in the links below.

January 4, 2006

A change was made to PC-PUMP V2.67 on January 4th to correct a minor printing error. If you downloaded this version before January 4th, please download again.

December 2005

PC-PUMP V2.67 is now available to all users who are currently subscribed to the 2005 PC-PUMP Maintenance Plan. Activation codes have been sent by fax to the official contact at all eligible companies.

Please do not install V2.67 if you do not have the activation codes (feature codes 01033 and 11033) for your hardlock. If you do, you will get an error message when you run PC-PUMP... "You are not licensed for this version of PC-PUMP".

V2.661 will remain available for those who have not yet received activation codes from their company's official contact. If you no not have codes and think you should be eligible for V2.67, contact C-FER at the email address below. Please include your hardlock number.


Note that some of these files require a username and password to download. If you have downloaded from this site before, the password has not changed, and can still be used. Otherwise, click on the link below to obtain the password. Please include your Hardlock # in request.

PC-PUMP v2.671



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