Sales Support

If you are looking for support regarding purchasing the PC-PUMP® software, please contact us at or through our web form.

Technical Support

Technical support for PC-PUMP® is included in the yearly maintenance subscription. If you are subscribed, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

For new users to the PC-PUMP® software, a PC-PUMP® Points to Consider document has been put together to help clarify some aspects of the program. This document should be considered a continuation of the user guide.

For users who wish to install the network version of PC-PUMP® on a local network server, download the installation guide and the software required for the Hardlock Server.

PC-PUMP® Frequently Asked Questions

A FAQ page is available for general questions.

If your question is not answered in these documents, please contact C-FER Technologies at or through our web form.

If possible, please email a saved PC-PUMP® (.pcp) file which illustrates the problem you are having.