Q: Can I run a downhole drive case without specifying downhole drive equipment?

A: In PC-PUMP’s downhole drive mode, the drive equipment must be specified. The drive equipment is important because the produced fluid must flow past it before reaching the pump intake—even if the pump is located below the perforations, in which case the fluid must flow down the annulus and then back up through a shroud. Often, the clearances in the annulus are fairly small. This can cause significant flow losses which cannot be calculated by PC-PUMP if the drive diameter and length are not known. This is why PC-PUMP requires that you enter the downhole drive equipment. There is an option, however, that can be used to avoid this. There is a check box in the Defaults window (Edit-Preferences) which can be used to tell PC-PUMP to calculate flow losses in the tubing in a surface drive case as if the rod string was not present. You can use this option to simulate a downhole drive case. (Note that you must be in surface drive mode and must enter a rod string. A warning message will be issued for every case while this feature is used.)

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