Q: The program tells me what my energy costs per day are, but where does that number come from?

A: PC-PUMP calculates power requirements based on straight-forward energy calculation. PC-PUMP converts these power requirements into a cost per day by multiplying the power requirement (in kW) by 24 hours to get a total energy per day (in kWh/d), and then multiplying this by the Power Cost value (in $/kWh, or, in newer versions of the program, other currency units per kWh, depending on your International settings in Windows) stored in the program to get a total cost per day. You can set the Power Cost value in the Prime Mover tab of the Surface Equipment Selection window. The default value that is used comes from the Defaults tab of the Edit-Preferences window. PC-PUMP uses $0.05/kWh unless you have changed it, or unless the currency setting is not dollars (in which case a default value would have been entered when the program was installed or first run on your computer). The values you have entered for electric motor efficiency and power factor will have an effect on the results. Note that some power companies will charge other fees beyond the energy costs, such as demand charges and power factor charges. These are not included in the result provided by PC-PUMP.

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