Q: What does the error message “ERROR: Negative pump intake pressure due to excessive flow losses” mean?

A: In reality, negative pressures are not physically possible. In single phase mode, PC-PUMP will give an error in this case even though it will complete the calculation and show a result—if this was a multiphase case, the program would not complete the calculation. What is causing this is excessive flow losses between the perforations and the pump intake. If you are in surface drive, this is most likely to occur if you have a tail joint, and is more likely to occur if the tail joint is very long or of a small tubing size. If you are in downhole drive mode, you probably have a very small clearance between the motor and casing (or a shroud that is causing there to be a small clearance either between the casing and the shroud OD or between the shroud OD and the motor, or both). In either surface or downhole drive, high flow rates or very viscous fluids will exacerbate the problem.

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