Q: Why do I get an error that looks like “DOMAIN error in log (or sqrt)”, or “Divide by zero aborting calculation”?

A: Unfortunately, when we developed PC-PUMP, we could not anticipate every possible situation. In the past several years, C-FER has corrected most of the situations which we were aware of which could cause this error. If you get this error, click on the “send” button in the error message and email it to C-FER. It is virtually impossible for us to diagnose your problem with these error messages without having the PC-PUMP data file (.pcp file), but in most cases we can determine the problem and suggest a correction or work-around for you once we see the .pcp file. When these problems are reported to C-FER, we strive to fix them in a new version of PC-PUMP as soon as it is feasible to do so.

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