Q: Why do I get an error “Rod guides must have a larger outside diameter than their adjacent coupling” when I specify the RGI Rod Jake rod guides?

A: Older versions of PC-PUMP assumed that rod guides are placed in such a way as to ensure that the couplings (for any rod which uses guides) are not touching the tubing wall. In other words, the first guide on any rod is located right next to the coupling and has a larger diameter than the coupling. The opposite method, in which the first guide is placed in the middle of the rod, and for which the coupling remains in contact with the tubing wall, is now allowed in PC-PUMP. When selecting rod guides, choose a contact mode of “Guides Only”, which is the assumption in older versions of PC-PUMP, or “Couplings and Guides”. The above error message will only appear if you select “Guides Only”. When specifying guides like the RGI Rod Jake, you should normally select the “Guides and Couplings” contact mode.

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