Q: Why does the program tell me my couplings (or guides) are designed to run in smaller tubing.

A: Some rod guides and couplings, most often those of a spin-through type, have fins which are designed to centralize the rod in the tubing. The fins are sized to fit relatively tightly within certain tubing sizes. Starting in PC-PUMP v2.68, the program will issue an output note informing the user if such a guide is selected, but the tubing size is larger than the size it was designed to fit tightly within. This is not a problem; these guides or couplings can still be run—it is just something you should be aware of. NOTE: This feature may display this message incorrectly if you load a file generated with an earlier version of PC-PUMP. If you believe this may be happening, clear and re-enter the rod string. If it still happening when you think it should not be, save your file and send it to C-FER.

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