Q: Why is PC-PUMP unable to accurately calculate density at high sand cut?

A: This is in relation to the single-phase, specify fluid composition option. PC-PUMP makes several assumptions about the way the sand affects the density. If these assumptions are correct, the density calculation will be accurate at any sand cut, but if they are not correct, the accuracy will decrease as the sand cut increases; 10% was chosen as the limit at which to issue a warning. The four assumptions used are: 1) The sand cut is based on the level of the sand in a test tube after being spun in a centrifuge. 2) The water cut is based on the difference in the levels of the sand and the oil/water interface in the test tube. 3) The sand has a porosity of 40%. 4) The porosity of the sand is filled entirely with water (even if the water cut is specified as 0%).

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